Friday, October 31, 2008


A man in his late 40's came to us to explore several alien- related events in his life, and in the interview he told of a strange, although not apparently alien-oriented, episode that had haunted him since childhood. When he was ten years old, his grandmother came to visit in his home, and since the house was small, she shared his bed on thefirst night of her visit.

During the night, the boy was awakened by a loud male voice. He couldn't understand what the voice was saying, but it sounded angry and was addressing the grandmother lying beside him

The next morning, he asked his grandmother, "What was that voice in the bedroom last night?"

His grandmother, with tears in her eyes, pulled him tightly to her andsaid, "That was the devil." She said nothing more about the episode,but she did insist that her son take her back to her own home immediately. It was an unreasonable request, and her son tried to talkher out of it. But the grandmother was adamant, and finally her son agreed to take her home the following day.

A regression session was arranged, and in the course of the hypnosis, he was asked to look at that childhood experience. What he recalled was an abduction in which he and his grandmother were taken to a space craft in the company of reptilian aliens. He remembered the aliens telling his grandmother that they were interested in learning about her knowledge of medicinal herbs.

And they offered to exchange medical information of their own.

They gave the boy and the grandmother a liquid to drink, explaining that it was beneficial and would make the grandmother feel young and attractive again. So both of them drank the liquid, and the man remembered seeing his grandmother indeed looking much younger. That was the extent of his recollection.

Both he and Ms. Bartholic, who was conducting the regression, were puzzled by this, because there was nothing in the episode to account for the guilt he had felt about the grandmother's death. So Ms. Bartholic deepened the man's trance level and asked him to look at itagain, with much clearer vision. And what he then recalled was much more disturbing.

The abduction, at first, followed his initial recollection. But when the liquid was drunk, he now remembered a very strong feeling of change in his body. And he saw that the grandmother didn't actually look younger. Instead, she was placed on a table and approached by one ofthe reptilian aliens who wanted to have intercourse with her. The liquid had acted as an aphrodisiac, yet the grandmother resisted and said that since her husband's death she would not have sex with anyone.The reptilian laughed and disappeared from the room momentarily. When he returned, he was accompanied by a man who looked exactly like the dead husband.

At this point, the grandmother agreed to have sex, but as the act was in progress, she suddenly realized that the image of her dead husband was a cruel illusion. It was actually the reptilian on top of her, and she cried out in great resistance for him to leave her alone. Once he was finished with her, he lifted up the little boy and placed him ontop of the grandmother, forcing another sex act upon the both of them.

Then the grandmother was removed from the table and the little boy wasvictimized himself by the reptilian, forced to have anal and oral sex.The grandmother protested violently, pushing the reptilian away from her grandson and interposing her body between them. "By Jesus," she shouted, "you will not touch this boy!"

That must have been the wrong thing to say, because the reptilian became very angry and threatened her. "You will die for that!" he told her, and the two people were returned to the bedroom from which they'd been taken. The next morning, the grandmother told the little boy that the devil had been there the night before, and that was when she insisted upon being taken home. And, as it turned out, she did die immediately thereafter.

This, then, was the cause of the man's lifelong sense of guilt abouther death. He had been forced to have sex with her, and her death had followed shortly after.

Pleasant Screams
Sidney B

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"I fall down"

Looks like someone has been hitting the ganga on a school night.. but of course my lips are sealed as to whom? (hi Lulu!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Ask your mommy if you can come out and prey"


Code Blue


I never got along with the boys at my school
Filling me up with all their morals and their rules
They'd pile all their problems on my head
I'd rather go out and fuck the dead

'Cause I can do what I want and they won't complain
I wanna fuck I wanna fuck the dead

Middle of the night so silently
I creep on over to the mortuary
Lift up the casket and fiddle with the dead
Their cold blue flesh makes me turn red

'Cause I can do what I want and they won't complain
I wanna fuck I wanna fuck the dead

And I don't even care how he died...
But I like it better if he smells of formaldehyde!

Never do they nag or say leave me alone
They don't scream and they don't moan
Don't even cry if I shoot in their hair!

Lying on the table he smiles and he stares….

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Rate My Space!

This is where we're thinking of taking the living room. (the pink trim would actually be red)
Is this a yeah or a nay…. (post in comments)


Sidney B

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cumming soon...

"I did a boy"

"I did a boy"
Teen Babe's From Sapce
Written by: Sidney B.
I did a boy
I did a boy, he was so fine, did not owe a dime.
I did a boy, we were too young, his mom told us so.
I did a boy, he had a car, we went real far.
I did a boy
I did a boy, he had cute shoes, he wore them while nude
I did a boy, he was tall, but so so small
I did a boy, he was married, I thought he said "Merry"
I did a boy
I did a boy, his hair was real red, he was a real red
I did a boy, he bought me shots, so I shot back
I did a boy, he was strong, he'd beat and beat my thing
I did a boy
I did a boy, he was so kinky, I left stinky
I did a boy, he was uncut, I was "oh hum"
I did a boy, he was cute, his dad was way hot
I did a boy
I did a boy, he gave me drugs, I gave me hugs
I did a boy, he was harry, but not that scary
I did a boy, he was huge, I'd walk real funny
I did a boy
I did a boy, he's a rock star, but could not pop my star
I did a boy, he'd like to bottom, I did him often
I did a boy, he got my name wrong, he'd scream it loudly, "OH JESUS!"
I did a boy
I did a boy, his name was Terry, my favorite fairy
I did a boy, he had a boyfriend, I did him too
I did a boy, we were well dressed, then we undressed
I did a boy
I did a boy, he was quite a fellow, he'd like to swallow
I did a boy, he said "I'm a breeder", as he sat on my wiener
I did a boy, he said he'd kill me, I found him thrilling
I did a boy, I did a boy, I did a boy.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Sometimes I need the poo knife"

Last night was the first of many Candlelight Supper Parties to come. It went off perfectly! We've come a long way from gas station pizza and PBR's. The menu last night was Beef Wellington, French Beans, Garlic Mashed Potatoes and 5 bottles of red wine (I was hungry). It was all as delicious as it sounds!

We can only sit a couple guests at a time, but we plan on getting to the lot of you. If you and a guest would like to get on the "Dystopia Candlelight Supper" guest list, write to the comments section.

Bon App├ętit!

Sidney B

Monday, October 6, 2008