Monday, September 28, 2009

It's play time at Beaverhousen Manor

“An empty Manor.. the cheese and meat are set out.. a bottle is open... the door bell rings”.

Hi all! i hope all that made it to “confessions of a wino” had a great time.

Only one missing wine glass, one spilt wine glass (that would be spilt on me by me) and one broken Picasso. So all in all... GOOD TIMES!

I know.. some are thinking “I was there, where is a picture of me?” Well.. it’s like i had my camera and then i didn’t have it. I’m going to have to blame Jeremy for that one. Oh, he had nothing to do with it.. it’s just fun to blame.

Next up.. Double Fisting, as in both hands have a drink not as in both hands are up your but. (Hi Robba!)


sidney b