Saturday, January 31, 2009

Something Wicked This Way Cums....


Sunday, January 18, 2009

We Are Watching.

It’s Saturday afternoon (2:30pm), I’m walking home from Band practice. So I am carrying my bass in a case on my back and have my amp in this water-proof laundry bag and carrying it in my hand.

I’m 1/2 a block from my place.. i hear a siren.. i turn a there’s a cop car. I don’t pay any mind and walk on. The Siren goes off again. I turn around and i see the cop in the cop car waving at me to come over. I’m on the side walk and there is like a foot of snow i’d have to walk through to get to him. I point to the snow and say “What?” He gets out the the car and walks over to me.

“What’s in the bag?” he says. “An Amp... it goes with the bass on my back” I tell him. He says “I figured that” and went on to tell me that robbers often use these same bags. (I make a note to let Taget know). And it goes on...

Cop: “where are you coming from?”

SB: “From The Old School of Folk Music”

C: “You walked that far?”

S: “Yes..”

C: “You play bass, in a band?”

S: “it’s something I’m working on”

C: “Your listening to your I-Pod.”

S: “and?”

C: “can i see your license?”

S: “Here” I pull it out and give it to him.

C: “Where do you live?”

S: I point to my building. “Right There”

C: “Your license says Winchester?”

S: “I just moved”

C: “Hold on”

At this point he gets in his car and I’m standing on the sidewalk. Oh, it’s 19 degrees out.

10 minutes later (he’s been writing something, I figure he’s writing some kind of ticket to get my license updated) he gets out and comes back over.

Round Two

Cop: “are you a student?”

SB: “ahh.. no. I work”

Cop: “Where?”

So I tell him and more questions come “what do you do there, Where is it? That’s far, do you dive to work?” On and on he went. He’s writing all this down. (odd?)

Cop: “What’s your birthday? I forgot to write it down”

He has my license, it’s on there. So I tell him, then he goes on “What was your old address?” So now I’m getting it... he thinks its a fake license!

Being 28 forever has it’s draw backs. (I was just telling Joe, not two weeks ago, in a few years it'll be time to move and start over again.. people are starting to question)

C: “What’s your phone number?”

S: “I don’t have a land line.”

C: “cell?”

Man.. this is getting strange! More questions...

S: “Hey!, I’m not some punk kid.” ( I'm a TEEN BABE FROM SPACE! I kept that to myself )

C: "you look young... "

S: "What is this all about!?"

C: “Um.. I just have to fill out this card so my boss knows I was working.”

S: “WHAT?” (I was pissed but one thing you don’t do is piss of someone with a gun, and for sure if that person is a Chicago Cop!)

After 20 minutes of this the cop says thanks a gives me back my license and walks back to his car.

S: “From now on if you see me walking the streets, Leave me ALONE!”

C: “Hey.. it’s good to have a goal.” (talking about me playing bass) he says as he gets into to car.

S: "What?"

the cop drives away...

I know.. what the hell is that all about?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hi boys, girls and Tammy!

This is the year of TEEN BABES FROM SPACE, my new Cock n’ Roll band.


It’s the future of music dolls!

“When did this come about?”

Actually when I was 15. The group broke up when I was 16 due to some members found boobs while I found cock! (though cock was fine for all that year) I know.. boobs and not cocks.. they lost out on that one! COCKS ROCK!

TBFS was always on a back burner, now it time to bring it back to life.


It’s a band of misfits who took some pills (ok, a lot of pills) while traveling the stars and crashed on this wet rock (Earth). Now, with out a ship and not remembering where they came from (good pills) they decided to hang out and screw the boys on this wet rock and to bring the music of the stars to this world!

“Who is TBFS?”

Yes. who is TBFS? I have guys that are ready to rock, but are they the “True” TEEN BABES FROM SAPCE? (see how I was wrong before). With the Help of Barry Inc (my manager) we are looking for the right fit. So if you have the urge, nerve and hair.. let him know you are interested. (send info to

I’m on bass and will sing (what? sing! Whateva!) but best would to have a singer on lead guitar. Sort of that two guys singing kind of vibe. So you say “My singing it’s that great.” Well, hows the hair? it’s all about fun baby! Tambourine boy perhaps? Hey, anything you can play.. play it on stage!

“Ok, what do you want from me?”

This is for all my Artist / Design friends out there. If you can find some time.. we’re looking for art work that screams “TEEN BABES FROM SPACE”. A LOGO for sure, Album covers. art work. ect. What ever you can make up. Yes.. I can do it myself, but I’d like this to be the everybody’s band. We’re not doing this for money (we’re already loaded) we want to this is for all of us. Every one I know / will know is “TEEN BABES FROM SPACE”.

Coming soon, TEEN BABES FROM SPACE “Cock n’ Roll” t-shirts. (this is you Design buddies. Get your name out there. “But I’m already an important artist!” LOL! Ok, how bout a fab blow job? Hey, I’d bottom for a fab LOGO! It’s what Teen Babes from Space is all about! Don't fear it.. Do IT! Send all designs to

Coming soon.. Teen Babes from Space, the songs:

1. Just because I said I love you doesn't mean I “love you”. I was just horny.

2. “Fuck you, you cunt, whore, ass hole, DICK! I hate you, die, die, die” - This is the text I wake up to on a Sunday morning.


4. Something shinny on the ground

5. All I want is to make you cum!

6. No, I do love you.... what’s your name?

7. Pills Pills Pills!


TEEN BABES FROM SPACE! "We Love You! We Want You! We Are You!"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009