Tuesday, December 30, 2008

250 earthquakes at Yellowstone...

This last happened at the Yellowstone volcano approximately 650,000 years ago. Fallowed by a catastrophic eruption!

Another catastrophic eruption is also possible. The effects of such a disaster are hard to even comprehend. "Magma would be flung 50 kilometers into the atmosphere. Within a thousand kilometers virtually all life would be killed by falling ash, lava flows and the sheer explosive force of the eruption. One thousand cubic kilometers of lava would pour out of the volcano, enough to coat the whole USA with a layer 5 inches thick. The bitter cold of Volcanic Winter to Planet Earth. Mankind may become extinct."

Alright kids, this of course may not happen tomorrow (but it is going to happen). I just want to give a shout out in case say it did happen on, oh I don’t know.. June 24th. It’s just the last time something this big happened everyone got all crazy and shit. Screaming it was “Gods Doing!” and what not. What a time it was.. err.. what a time it must have been for “them”.

Hey.. did you feel that.. it was like the ground just shook ever so slightly.. No? maybe I was wrong..

Happy New Tear..


Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Ice Ice Baby!"

So.. let’s start with Monday, shall we?

I’d tell you about the weekend before but i so don’t remember it. anyway..


Monday morning i get to my car, pop in and start to take off. Well, seems I’m in the mood to go to work but my car is not! My tires SPIN, SPIN, and we all know SPIN is not in! (Hi Nick, I still love you) I do my best to get my car out.. no avail.

One half hour later this girl comes up and says “need some help?” I tell her “YES!” She sort of this lesbian, but we’re not going there, I for sure don’t need this Lesbian to beat the shit out of me when I’m hallucinating!

Anyway, the Lesbian was totally helping me for like 1/2 an hour. Oh, we made some head way but i was still stuck. Later (we’re talking like an hour) this old man stops by in this van, “so you need help” he asked the les. “YES” she says and he’s there helping us out. At one point the old man asked the les “where are you going?” and she says “it’s not my car.. it’s his!” At this point the old man felt suckered in. But whatever.

WE finally get my car out! I jump out of my car to kiss the les and dry hump the old man but they are already on the way. It’s odd, no one in LA would have ever helped. It was nice... people are nice.

Tuesday morning:

I get to my car and its STUCK! But yesterday at work this girl tells me CAT LITTER! So what the fuck.. cat littler. And guess what.. it WORKED! Well... then i get home that night.

Tuesday Night:

I drive around, tons of parking but it’s all dangerous! mounds of snow/ice everywhere. I find a space not to many blocks away that looks safe to pull into. I get half way in and... STUCK!

I FUCKEN HATE ICE! Knowing that i can’t leave my car half way in the street, I try and back out.. STUCK!!!! I try for and hour to get out.. not going to happen. Then this “cub” (I’ve learned this from Germany) comes by. “Can I help?” Man everyone is so nice. He gets in front of my car at pushes.. “I can’t stop sliding” he says and gives up. I’m thinking he’s not trying hard enough! WHATEVA!

So I’m at it alone again.. it’s like an hour and 1/2 now. Next this guy who just dropped of some pizza’s comes up. Yep a pizza delivery guy, “Hey, dude, need a hand?” So first thought I go for my zipper.. oh.. then I think.. “DUH!” "sure dude, thanks". He totally gets in front of my car and we get it out in like 5 minutes! I park on the street and go thank him. He says his last delivery is at 10:30.. I get his number and have him deliver at 10:45. It was the least i could do! (skinny skater boy.. what do you think i was going to do!) Oh, so i find a new parking spot, it’s still a bitch, I just speed up and swing the back end of my car in, very Speed Racer. But of course my car is stuck.


I’m off work.. at around 11am.. I toss out the pizza boxes and head out to dig my car out. I have a dinner I have to be at tonight. After two hours.. I call and cancel my diner plans. I call R&J, “I’m coming over with wine tonight”. I stumble home DRUNK at some point!

Thursday, Christmas,

Wake up, or was that Come To. I plan to go dig the car out.. turn on the news and it's -1 out! Fuck that! Lets see what new movies are out. Slum Dog Millionaire, Religious (s?) and some bad TLA videos out. K told me about Slum Dog, and he was right.. GREAT.. ok,, it was sort of great. You know what I hate, why oh why cant we have a movie like that but with two guys as the lead. I know, it’s all about breeder money, I just want a great love story with two guys. (yes, we’ve have had a few.. but I want more!, God knows TLA tries.. but 1 good movie in 70 is not a good track record.)

So where was I? Oh, just toped off my glass of this fab red wine.. Zarafa, it’s from Africa you know.. Fabulous!

Oh, that religion movie by that Bill guy. I loved it! I know, you're saying “of course you loved it, it bashed all religion”. Not true. well True. But the show wasn’t so much about bashing religion, it was more about bashing people that thought they were religious. The “I’m right your wrong” attitude. I wont get too much into it.. but it’s WAY stranger then anyone can even dream! Not that I know.. but.... LOL!!

Thursday night.. DINNER PARTY!

R & J are having friends over for a dinner party. I make my famous “French Carrots”. Ok, in truth.. I have no car, it’s stuck in the snow.. so i see what I have in the frig, nothing of course, but there.. in the back... CARROTS!

Colby comes over and we head over to the party (on foot, well.. in Prada boots, we are boys!),. The sidewalks are ICE! I am really starting to hate ICE!


ROCKED! Every one brought a dish, my carrots ROCKED. We drank, ate and at some point two guys took me to the guest bedroom. Not like that... we just smoked it up! THANKS BOYS!

At some point, Christian showed from LA. And more drinks, talks of books we’ve read, talks of movies we’ve seen, and places we’ve been. It was a great time and a great group of friends. FUN! Some how i got home.. I ordered a pizza.. just a boy.. hehehe...

Friday.. OH SHIT.. I got to go to work!!!

Toss out the pizza boxes (ok kids, get it.. there were no boxes.. hehehe) Well.. the car was still STUCK! I am over it! No one comes to help. I call in and go back to bed!

Friday Night: Burrito!

LOL! ok, that is so an inside joke with Jeremy and I. “BURRITO!” LOL! So the plan is to go to BC. And that we did! Christian, “I’m kicked out.. (it’s 12) lets go to your place!” Hell, I was having a GREAT time.. I had on a tie! I’m not leaving. Man, so much fun! I left at some point.. but wasn’t too the mess. I remember that I had to kiss that guy before I left, yes, i know his name,, but i have been sipping this bottle of Zarafa, it’s from Africa you know, anyway. it’s that guy.. Lou’s friend, the cute one. I like he’s a mystery.


OK! it’s like 60 out! Time to get in my car and DRIVE! it’s been DAYS!! I get in and I’m a happy boy, I turn the key... URGH! DEAD BATTERY!! Of course! I just want to go to Trader Joe’s and get fresh flowers!! URGH!

Reggie comes over later and saves the day!

Later was going to go visit R&J and Christian but if I went then I’d have to do XXXXXX later and then that would lead to XXXXXXXX and then XXXXXXXXXX and I just wasn’t into it.. I called and ordered a pizza. LOL! Kidding... i jerked off and passed out in it.. LOL! kidding.. I.. oh wait.. i did.. whateva!

And now we're at Sunday... I have a CAR again!

Went to Target for the fuck of it. Was thinking I’d buy my something.. something for $’s (thanks mother). Flat screen? have it... Wii..? Have it. A fab chair.. Joe won’t let me! LOL!

Actually, I don’t need anything.. that’s cool and sucks at the same time. To want and not want at the same time. “Give money to the poor!” i hear you saying.. LOL! “What Kenneth... you said new shoes coming in this month?”

Well that was my story for this past week.

The best was how total strangers help out, i was telling mother about and she says “How do they find the time to help” but that ‘s mom. during the big summer heat wave here when everyone died she says “why don’t they just turn on the A/C?”

Happy Holiday all!

If i wrote about you and you’re not into it... Sue me, but all the moneys in a trust.. I cant even get to it! But I will buy you beer or seven...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Believe it or Not!

Swiss watch found in 400-year-old tomb.

Archeologists in China are baffled after finding a tiny Swiss watch in a 400-year-old tomb.

The watch ring was discovered as archeologists were making a documentary with two journalists from Shangsi town.

"When we tried to remove the soil wrapped around the coffin, a piece of rock suddenly dropped off and hit the ground with a metallic sound,? said Jiang Yanyu, former curator of the Guangxi Autonomous Region Museum.

"We picked up the object, and found it was a ring. After removing the covering soil and examining it further, we were shocked to see it was a watch."
The time was stopped at 10:06am, and on the back was engraved the word "Swiss", reports the People's Daily.

Local experts say they are confused as they believe the tomb had been undisturbed since it was created during the Ming dynasty 400 years ago.

They have suspended the dig and are waiting for experts to arrive from Beijing and help them unravel the mystery.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Question: What do these Geniuses have in common?

Jane Austen 12-16-1817

Ludwig van Beethoven 12-16-1770

Arthur C Clarke 12-16-1917

Champagne Cocktails, smoky treats, running noses and treats treats treats!

"Where are the party pictures?"

All I'm saying is "champagne cocktails, smoky treats, running noses and treats treats treats!"

From all reviews "ANOTHER GREAT PARTY!"

Blagojevich promises an end to corruption!


Friday, November 28, 2008

“I refer to jet lag as 'jet-psychosis' — there's an old saying that the spirit cannot move faster than a camel.

Security: “Absinthe is illegal to bring into the the USA”

Sidney the Mule: “oh.. of course it is. I would never”

man, it’s great to be back!

next up... “The Black Christmas Cocktail Party”

The Puddles!

bobby: “hash?”
Sidney: “I’ll make the drinks!”

Man, i love hash, and with an Absinthe chaser.. sweet indeed!

So with the flesh on the roof of my mouth melting (it’s an absinthe thing) we head out the door.
The first band we see the the Puddles. They put on a great show and the girl in the band is so cool. We chatted before the show and got drunk after. oh.. so here is one of her funny stories:

“I was with a lot of friends at a restraunt and we were all talking, laughing, eating and drink. it was great fun. Then i was on my cell and this guy comes out with the dessert tray and i look over and grab one and start eating while i’m on the phone. then i see everyone is looking at me and i ask “What?” The waiter says “this was just the samples... uh.. that’s probably 100 years old..”

ok, it’s a lot funnier if your shit faced on absinthe and hash...

anyway, enjoy the Puddles!

Off to BERLIN! The Mother Land..

Come to, out of my Hash and Absinth haze and head to the airport! Going with Moish and Bobby makes the airport so much easier. See the Israel airport security is a BITCH! But they get there and just yell at the security and we are through the gates.

Berlin is great, but just a bit on the cold side this time of year. But one thing, the train system is so simple. We get right to our apartment and unload and head out.

We do the tour thing and then ditch the tour.. we’re just not good with that. Um, oh.. we go to the gay bars. Well.. back years ago when i was there it was Cute Cute Cute. Something happened... seems some one came by with the “Ugly Stick” and waked the shit out of Berlin with it. I mean “What the Hell?”

Sure, some may say I’m just picky.. well ok.. so. But not one blonde boy god.. not even a skinny dork skater boy.. no nothing! Thank gods for alcohol..

You know.. even the food wasn’t as good as the last time. What happened? OH!!! I got it.. Joe and Timmy did it!!

This is are pad and hood in Berlin. Totally a cool place.

Memorial for the murdered Jews of Europe. (Berlin)



Ok.. so we go to a market to get some bites for the morning. I spy this “Peach Juice” and think what the hell. Well......

We drink coffee and I down some of my “Peach Juice” and hit the train. we get off in this cool hood and start walking around. it was cool and fun. Then we spy Mc Cafe and pop in. It’s a Mc D’s but so much better. the whole look is great, very lounge. And the food is different, it’s actually good. So the boys go and get some bite and drinks and I head to the can to take a piss. I there pissing and... “Um.. I think i best have a sit..”. I was going to fart but something just seemed off. I sit on the pot and “WOOOSSSHHH!!!” “What the hell is that all about?” I wonder. I figure it’s just that I haven’t eaten, just had coffee and juice, no worry. I eat a bit and we’re back out on the town walking all about.

We take the train to another hood. We get off.. walking around.. and yep... i have to find a toilet and right now! Moish says “just go in the park? (you see in Israel you sort of just pee where ever you want. People are peeing all over the place.) But i can’t because i have to SIT DOWN while I go if you know what I mean. So here I am running around looking for a place to dump. I go into this coffee shop and it’s packed full of people and of course the bathroom is right there, were everyone is sitting. This is not going to be the kind of smell that they might greet as friendly fire! I run out... running down the street! And there right in front of me it a Port-O-John! “Thanks you Jesus!” I run for it and grab the door.. LOCKED! The Horror!!!!

Ok, I am seconds for a horrible accident. Oh, all this time Bobby and Moish are flowing behind me. I spot another cafe.. I run in. Empty! Thank you jesus! I ask the counter girl “Toilet?” and the counter girl says “no.” “WHAT? FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!” and I run out. I know.. not very nice.. but this was no time for nice.

So I’m running down the street again. Another cafe.. I go in.. “Toilet?” and this old guy points to the back... I run!

Oh my gods, sweet relief! So I’m sitting there on the pot for awhile.. “WOOSSSHHHH!” Then i hear the bathroom door open and then close. The Owner was checking to see what I was up to... one smell and he knew.

I head out.. kind of do a “I’m sorry smile” and get the hell out of there.

This was only the begging...

I get back to the apartment and I’m DEAD. I tell the boys to go have fun.. I wasn’t getting 5 feet from a bathroom!

Then it really hit me.. it was total food poising.. it was the PEACH JUICE! i never felt that sick before ever! I was sure I was going to kick the bucket. I was on fire and freezing at the same time. Sleep was more of a nightmare. Oh, a funny thing. So I’m there in a daze, a sleep? maybe.. i was really out of it.. anyway.. seeing how we walked like 20 miles a day i'm there in my bed and suddenly i get a huge crap in my leg. It was like a knife was stuck into my leg mussel, well not a knife.. more like Condelisa Rise just slugged me has hard as she could in my leg. See i was sort of hallucinating, I actually thought Condi was in the room and she hit me because i told Bobby she was a lesbian. Yep, i was a sick boy!

This was how i spent my last two days in Germany.

We're Back in Israel..

All recovered from my near death experience, so what better to do then smoke some hash and drink some Absinthe and see a Rock and Roll Show!

This is “Dolly’s Circus”. The girl lead singer is good but kind of a dope. the boys on the other hand... FUN! We are at Bloom Bar, which is closing next month. The bartender “Andy” (not his real name, the real one is hard to say.. “Agharugh..” or something like that). Any way, he kept the drink coming, and cute to boot.

Under Ground... "cave"

This is some under ground cave in Israel. We drove there and parked on a hill and walked down to it, the start off point was full of KIDS! UGH! They just kept talking and talking.. what could they have to say that is so important?

When our tour came up the lady says “now we must all stay together!” Like that was going to happen. It was cool once we lost everyone.

Some Pictures of Bobby’s hood.

Lets start a WAR!

Army Guy: “ok, but don’t pull the trigger”
Sidney: “oh, of course not”


a very old jewish temple.

Security: “no pictures please”
Sidney: “oh, of course not”


It’s more of the note wall but i guess it’s less god-ish.. no notes here. So we come from the underground and we’re in the “Muslim” section. So the tour leader girl says “Stay with this guy and close, don’t wonder off till we get back to the safe side.” Well that was odd seeing we were already in this section earlier shopping for brass things. Muslim’s are know for there work in brass.

The Old City...

This is what everyone’s fighting for. See the Gold Dome, well... that’s were the arc of the err... you know.. that thing from Indiana Jones, the first one.. the box with the ghost monsters in it.. well.. it was in the Gold Dome thing. It’s not there now, just an empty room. Duh, the Nazi’s took it and then after they opened it and the ghost monsters killed them we took it back to the states. Losers!

The second picture is the Wall. What you do is write a note and stick it in the wall then it being such a “god” place the note comes true. “Sidney, is that a new Prada Jacket?” ... Thanks god!

Friday, October 31, 2008


A man in his late 40's came to us to explore several alien- related events in his life, and in the interview he told of a strange, although not apparently alien-oriented, episode that had haunted him since childhood. When he was ten years old, his grandmother came to visit in his home, and since the house was small, she shared his bed on thefirst night of her visit.

During the night, the boy was awakened by a loud male voice. He couldn't understand what the voice was saying, but it sounded angry and was addressing the grandmother lying beside him

The next morning, he asked his grandmother, "What was that voice in the bedroom last night?"

His grandmother, with tears in her eyes, pulled him tightly to her andsaid, "That was the devil." She said nothing more about the episode,but she did insist that her son take her back to her own home immediately. It was an unreasonable request, and her son tried to talkher out of it. But the grandmother was adamant, and finally her son agreed to take her home the following day.

A regression session was arranged, and in the course of the hypnosis, he was asked to look at that childhood experience. What he recalled was an abduction in which he and his grandmother were taken to a space craft in the company of reptilian aliens. He remembered the aliens telling his grandmother that they were interested in learning about her knowledge of medicinal herbs.

And they offered to exchange medical information of their own.

They gave the boy and the grandmother a liquid to drink, explaining that it was beneficial and would make the grandmother feel young and attractive again. So both of them drank the liquid, and the man remembered seeing his grandmother indeed looking much younger. That was the extent of his recollection.

Both he and Ms. Bartholic, who was conducting the regression, were puzzled by this, because there was nothing in the episode to account for the guilt he had felt about the grandmother's death. So Ms. Bartholic deepened the man's trance level and asked him to look at itagain, with much clearer vision. And what he then recalled was much more disturbing.

The abduction, at first, followed his initial recollection. But when the liquid was drunk, he now remembered a very strong feeling of change in his body. And he saw that the grandmother didn't actually look younger. Instead, she was placed on a table and approached by one ofthe reptilian aliens who wanted to have intercourse with her. The liquid had acted as an aphrodisiac, yet the grandmother resisted and said that since her husband's death she would not have sex with anyone.The reptilian laughed and disappeared from the room momentarily. When he returned, he was accompanied by a man who looked exactly like the dead husband.

At this point, the grandmother agreed to have sex, but as the act was in progress, she suddenly realized that the image of her dead husband was a cruel illusion. It was actually the reptilian on top of her, and she cried out in great resistance for him to leave her alone. Once he was finished with her, he lifted up the little boy and placed him ontop of the grandmother, forcing another sex act upon the both of them.

Then the grandmother was removed from the table and the little boy wasvictimized himself by the reptilian, forced to have anal and oral sex.The grandmother protested violently, pushing the reptilian away from her grandson and interposing her body between them. "By Jesus," she shouted, "you will not touch this boy!"

That must have been the wrong thing to say, because the reptilian became very angry and threatened her. "You will die for that!" he told her, and the two people were returned to the bedroom from which they'd been taken. The next morning, the grandmother told the little boy that the devil had been there the night before, and that was when she insisted upon being taken home. And, as it turned out, she did die immediately thereafter.

This, then, was the cause of the man's lifelong sense of guilt abouther death. He had been forced to have sex with her, and her death had followed shortly after.

Pleasant Screams
Sidney B

Support the arts!

"I fall down"

Looks like someone has been hitting the ganga on a school night.. but of course my lips are sealed as to whom? (hi Lulu!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Ask your mommy if you can come out and prey"


Code Blue


I never got along with the boys at my school
Filling me up with all their morals and their rules
They'd pile all their problems on my head
I'd rather go out and fuck the dead

'Cause I can do what I want and they won't complain
I wanna fuck I wanna fuck the dead

Middle of the night so silently
I creep on over to the mortuary
Lift up the casket and fiddle with the dead
Their cold blue flesh makes me turn red

'Cause I can do what I want and they won't complain
I wanna fuck I wanna fuck the dead

And I don't even care how he died...
But I like it better if he smells of formaldehyde!

Never do they nag or say leave me alone
They don't scream and they don't moan
Don't even cry if I shoot in their hair!

Lying on the table he smiles and he stares….

Monday, October 13, 2008

Rate My Space!

This is where we're thinking of taking the living room. (the pink trim would actually be red)
Is this a yeah or a nay…. (post in comments)


Sidney B