Friday, November 28, 2008

The Puddles!

bobby: “hash?”
Sidney: “I’ll make the drinks!”

Man, i love hash, and with an Absinthe chaser.. sweet indeed!

So with the flesh on the roof of my mouth melting (it’s an absinthe thing) we head out the door.
The first band we see the the Puddles. They put on a great show and the girl in the band is so cool. We chatted before the show and got drunk after. oh.. so here is one of her funny stories:

“I was with a lot of friends at a restraunt and we were all talking, laughing, eating and drink. it was great fun. Then i was on my cell and this guy comes out with the dessert tray and i look over and grab one and start eating while i’m on the phone. then i see everyone is looking at me and i ask “What?” The waiter says “this was just the samples... uh.. that’s probably 100 years old..”

ok, it’s a lot funnier if your shit faced on absinthe and hash...

anyway, enjoy the Puddles!

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