Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Your hair does not give you licence to be a whore!"

I'm back… man; I have been a busy boy! Let see.. where to start? Oh, the bottom of course…

It was this past Thursday, a nice dinner out with good friends. We're off to Urban Belly.

So being the city guy I am, we take the Bus. Oh, and it’s the biggest rain storm of the year so far. But.. whatever. I have a cute new hat!
Urban Belly was good. I think if I went back it would be to go. It's one of those odd communal dinning things. I don't know about you but I'm thinking, no one wants to sit by a group of loud drunkards, That being our table. But this couple actually did. No room at the inn.
Anyway, check it out..

After Dinner Drinks!

Seeing how the Orbit Room was right up the street.

Sitting, Chatting, Laughing and "Yes, I'll have another Vodka."

Then these boys come up.. well well well.. it ROYCE!

We says our "hi's" and they head to the back of the bar. We're getting ready to leave and I think, Maybe one more drink with the boys of ROYCE. We say our "good byes"… and head to the back of the bar for one last dink with the boys.


SO the owner loved us. We all loved each other "Sindey! Put your hands where I can see them!" IT was a great time.. 20 drinks each later.. on a school night… ahh.. funk it! Good times! .

Overheard: "Sidney don't say that… he use to be a junkie"

Overheard: "he's kind of cute…"


"I got to go home" I heard.. Hey, that sounds like a plan, I thought. So I hop into a car.

"So you're going to come see my band (ROYCE) tomorrow?" he says. "Of course" I say.. I have no pain.. I just drank the bars stock of top shelf vodka and more shots then I can remember.

Friday Morning.

"WHAT THE HELL!" I find my self driving to work… it's odd because I don't recall leaving my place. "Um?" anyway, the whole day was shot. I was a HUNG OVER MESS! I even went as far as to go to.. dare I say…. errr… McD's for a Hamburger and Coke! (which by the way sounded way better then it actually was)

After a long day at work… doing nothing but Craig's List (I'm looking for a bar for my place.. something Mid-Century, keep an eye out for me, cool) At some point I got home..

Sorry I missed the ROYCE shows boys.. but I was dead.. and tired. For sure I'll be there next time!

"Suddenly Satan!"

Sidney Beaverhousen

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