Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that’s bad for you!

Yet another fabulous dinner party!

The evening started of so innocently…. and yet, it ended up with a check in to Betty Ford. (robert downey jr and I have adjoining rooms)

Joe pulled off a fabulous meal. Friends showed and bottles were opened. Then more bottles were opened. And then a box o'wine (box o'wine is "IN". no really, it is!) Then we played Rock Star, no not wii… real rock star! It was all great times.

"SoFo for a night cap?" and we're out the door.

Well, yours truly was a bit toasted by then. I know.. SHOCK!

Then an Evil boy showed up with bad things! So.. what's a boy to do? Yep.. Jackhammer! Mind you, I never go there, I am a boy of purity and innocence. I was just out of my mind is all. Then I got lost in there.. "where are my friends" I was asking this boy who was totally taking advantage of my.. um.. my mess-ness. Anyway, I got his number and found my friends. We get in a cab, car? Who knows.

It's 4am.. the nights over… right.. but we stop at some pizza place and the boys come out with a case of beer. I'm wondering "what can that be for?"

Wii Party at my place.

Saturday Morning-ish:

I come to, to a house full of passed out half naked boys. What is one to do? Make breakfast! (ok, that's Joe's department. I made coffee!)

At some point everyone leaves, I go back to bed… I stay there till Sunday afternoon.


So, maybe you're wondering "How do I get on the Dinner Party List?"

It's easy, just send a e-mail ( saying you'd like to be on it.

Next up we are planning for DJ and Quincy, ROYCE boys, Gary and Chad…

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