Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's only Beer!

It's only Beer!

A Short Story by Sidney Beaverhousen

Janice woke to birds chirping out her window, the sun has been up for hours, it was great to sleep in. "It's going to be a perfect day" she was thinking. Her cell rings with a text, "hi babe, I'll be over at 3. luv ya". It was Ted, she just met not two weeks ago and this was the guy. She knew it!

Janice got up and looked out her window; it was one of those perfect Chicago days, a blue sky with few clouds, 80 degrees and a slight wind. She gets into the shower, shaves because this was going to be the night. Of course she had it all planed out. Ted would come over, they take the L to Mayfest to meet up with friends, have some beers, go to a romantic dinner and then back to her place. The thought of it made her blush. It's been too long….

Ted was promptly there at 3pm. She could always count on him to be there when he said, not like the last loser, Dave! She opened the door, Ted smiled "you look beautiful" he says. "Ted.. oh baby, thank you." She greeted him with a long kiss. Janice knew she looked good, she bought a new sundress last week just for this day, which cost a pretty penny, but it was worth it.

They got off the Western L hand in hand. She was so happy! "look at all the people" Ted says. Janice was texting to her friends that they just got there and would meet at the ticket both where her friends were waiting. She was so happy!

Janice and Ted walk through the gates, the perfect couple. As Janice was looking for the ticket booths she sees out of the corner of her eye, some guy in a tight Modonna T-shirt, he looked as if he was staggering. She thinks "my, some people get so wasted at these things" and goes about looking for the booths.

It all happened so quick, there was suddenly a shadow over her.. all she could see was a giant Modonna face looking at her.. "What's happening?" she thought. Then there was a shower of something… something…. It's all over her! She screams.. "What!" She is soaked to the bone. It’s then she realizes what just happened, that boy.. that drunken boy.. he… he… oh god.. he just puked all over me! "OH GOD!"

She looks up, into the boys face, the one with the too tight Modonna t-shirt on. He looks down at her.. and he screams "IT'S ONLY BEER!" and staggers off.

"What just happened.. ??? WHY ME!" Janice screams.



Saturday, 2ish.

Come out and prey!

And remember kids… "It's only beer!"

Sidney B.

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